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Tips to prevent your car from being broken into
Posted on 03/10/22

Sharing some simple safety rules found online.
Always lock your car doors
You just finished filling your car up at the gas station and now you want to run inside real quick to buy a soda. You don’t bother locking your car because you’ll be right back.
Stop. It only takes a few seconds for a thief to steal your valuables. The laptop you left on the passenger seat will be gone faster than you can reach the store’s door. Always lock your car doors. A would-be thief will pass the opportunity up if the right deterrent is in place.
Park in the garage or a well-lit area at night
Sometimes you might pull up to your house, unload your cargo, and decide to skip parking in the garage that night. You are thinking no one will mess with your car because it is in your driveway.
Chances are high someone will at least glance inside your car window to check out what’s inside. It might be a curious kid, but it could also be someone interested in stealing your belongings. 
Do yourself a favor and park in the garage. Don’t have a garage? Park under a light, even if it means walking a little farther to your doorstep. Thieves love the dark.
Keep valuables out of sight
Store your purse, shopping bags, laptop and anything of value in your trunk. Better yet, leave what you can at home. But if you must have it, keep it out of sight.
Thieves are looking for an easy hit. They don’t have time to pop open a trunk. They want to get inside and take what they can in less than a minute. If you have a SUV, purchase a cargo cover to hide items and deter thieves.
Set your car alarm
Just as you should always lock your car, you should also set your car alarm. While many people think society has become indifferent to car alarms going off, the noise still draws attention. Someone will at the very least look in your car’s direction. 
If the alarms goes on too long, someone is bound to investigate. Either case, a thief doesn't want any attention. Remember, a thief’s objective is to get your stuff and leave as fast as possible!
Share your cam video/photos with RR Police Dept
Got a home security camera? Help us fight crime in our neighborhoods by signing up for this program. If you have a security camera at your home, you can register it with us. That way, we know who to contact for potential video evidence when a crime occurs. It really speeds up the process of finding who might have footage, which can help solve cases. This can be particularly helpful when investigating vehicle burglaries in your neighborhoods. This program does not give us access to your camera. It merely gives us information that you have a camera and you’re willing to help when needed. For more info.
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