Who do I contact for...
This page provides contact information for various issues common to the neighborhood. 
If an issue is addressed in our Governing Documents and is not a Code Enforcement or police issue, you should report the suspected violation to the management company.
Service requests for the city of Round Rock can be submitted electronically online or using the RRTX Mobile App.
Code Enforcement issues can be reported online also.

Streets, signs, lights, signals, curbs, and sidewalks

General inquiries
Road Striping and issues
Street signs
Traffic Signal
Potholes and paving
Street and drainage issues
Service requests can also be submitted electronically online or using the RRTX Mobile App.
Other important numbers and links can be found on the Round Rock Customer Service Directory.

Traffic and parking violations

Traffic violations like speeding/dangerous operation/parking violations per code should be reported to the Round Rock Police Department non-emergency number. 
Emergencies 9-1-1
Non-emergency 512-218-5500
Some parking violations also fall under Code Enforcement and can be reported online.
The community streets are public, so the Association has no control or regulation over parking or traffic, even if our governing documents address the situation. 

Pet and waste issues

Although our governing documents mention pets and waste, these are also Code Enforcement issues with the City of Round Rock. You will get a faster response from the city, and the owner is likely to respond quicker to the city also.
Noise and pet sanitation fall under Code Enforcement and can be reported online, to the Code Enforcement Office at 512-341-3329, or to the RRPD non-emergency number at 512-218-5500.
Animal-related concerns should be reported to Animal Control at 512-218-5500. This includes stray/lost/injured animals, animal cruelty, dangerous animals, animal bite incidents, loose livestock, dead animals on public property.

Note: Removing dead animals from private property is the owner’s responsibility; place in a plastic bag and put out with regular trash collection, or contact a pest control company.

If an issue is addressed in our governing documents and not a Code Enforcement or police issue, you should report the suspected violation to the management company. See How to report a suspected violation.

Landscaping issues (common areas)

Landscaping issues for common areas or townhome maintenance (mowing, weeding, and aeration once a year) are addressed by the Association's landscaping vendor. Issues should be reported (with photos) to the management company.
Landscaping issues for the condo sub-association (711 Rolling Oak and 1701 Logan) should be reported (with photos) to the sub association's management company
Landscaping issues for a specific property should be reported (with photos and address) as a suspected violation to the management company using the online Violation Concern Form. See How to report a suspected violation.

Pool issues

Suspected rules violations or issues at the pool related to pool parties/groups, key access, pests, pool service, porter/cleaning service, etc. should be reported to the management company using the online Violation Concern Form. See How to report a suspected violation.
When reporting a suspected pool violation, be sure to include any video or phots taken, along with a detailed description and any identification information. If we are unable to identify the person(s) involved, a report can not be pursued.
Trespassing, non-members, fence jumping, presence after hours, etc. should be reported to the management company or to the RRPD non-emergency line at 512-218-5500, if needed.
If there is a safety concern or emergency situation, call 9-1-1.  There are 2 emergency 9-1-1 boxes at the pool, one to the right of the entry gate and one by the men's room door.

Neighborhood events

For questions / suggestions regarding neighborhood events (parties, garage sales, etc.) or if you would like to help out with an event, contact the Recreation Committee or the Board.

Broken or damaged items (common areas)

Maintenance issues for neighborhood common areas (park, medians, pool, fences, etc) including playground, pool, etc. should be reported to the management company.

Note: Per the sub-declaration, landscaping services (mowing, weeding, and aeration once per year) are included for townhomes service area, but maintenance and repair of the irrigation system, trees, and planting beds is the townhome owner's responsibility. 
Condo maintenance issues (711 Rolling Oak and 1701 Logan) should be reported to the sub-association management company.

Fence issues

Issues with the white picket fences in Association common areas (example: the fences facing AW Grimes that do not border a specific owner lot) should be reported (with photos and detailed location information) to the management company.
Fences that belong to an owner are the owner's responsibility. The Association has found a vendor who claims to sell and service vinyl fences like ours. The Association has not used this vendor so we are only sharing contact info. 
Texas Vinyl Fencing
Ed Torres
An owner has also recommended the vendor below:
Duramax Fences
1057 S. Vail Ave.
Montebello, CA 90640
Pauline Suzuki, Sales Representative

AusTex Fence and Deck can also schedule repairs, but our experience is that they are expensive and slow.
Comdo sub-association members should contact your management company for fence issues.
Note: The picket lengths and post specs for the Association fences along AW Grimes - 40 and 44" tall are probably different than yours. You’ll need to measure the pickets you are replacing so you can order the appropriate length. You’ll also want to confirm the distance from the top rail cutout to the top of the post and the distance between the upper and lower rail cutouts. Fences were installed over a 10-year period so there are likely to be differences in measurements. 

House paint or exterior change

Per our governing documents, anything that changes the exterior appearance of a home (paint, landscaping, trees, etc) requires prior approval from the Architecture Control Committee (ACC).  You can submit an Architectural Modification Request Form online. You can also access the form using the link on the Smartwebs resident portal dashboard, in the Quick Actions section, or on the Turtle Creek community website homepage, in the right-side feature menu.
If you plan to repaint using the same colors (either your house or another home with original color), you can may be able to get original paint color information for the address from the DR Horton Warranty Dept at 512-345-4663. Per the ACC Fast Track Guidelines, repainting with original colors does not require ACC approval.
Note: The earliest phases of Turtle Creek (the oldest sections on Prairie Rock, Monodale, and Thompson) were built by Milburn Homes. DR Horton acquired the development in around 2007 (give or take). DR Horton may still have the information for the older homes, but not in their system. The information is in a scanned contract in a folder named "Purge". They have to manually dig for the info. The contact could not tell me when or if the file will be deleted, but that information could go away at any time. DR Horton may still have all your home's information for homes they built after 2007, including paint colors, floor types and color, and cabinet information.  

Trash / doggie station issues

Our trash services provider is Round Rock Refuse. If you have questions about your collection day (normally Tuesday), you can get information on the Round Rock Garbage and Recycling website.
Our community has a policy regarding Trash Can storage and placement. You can report suspected violations to the management company. See How to report a suspected violation.
For doggie stations, report issues to the management company so they can contact the vendor.