Board of Directors - Master
The Association is governed by a three-person Board of Directors, with the option to include one Director Ex Officio (appointed by the Board) who has access to the same information but does not have a vote in Association business. All Directors must be Members of the Master Association. At least two of the three Directors must reside at an Association address. The terms of the Directors are staggered. One Director is elected by the Members at the Annual Member Meeting and serves a term of three years.  Board setup and voting is outlined in our Bylaws (Governing Documents).
Shelly Beaird Wright, Director
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Where are you originally from?
I was born in Norman OK, but really grew up right down the road in Pflugerville!
How long have you lived in Turtle Creek?
I’ve lived in Round Rock and Turtle Creek since it opened in October of 2003. I was the second neighbor to move in!
Why did you move to Turtle Creek and what do you love about it?
Originally (to be frank), I just loved the white picket fences and the adorable houses!! But now that I have watched the community develop and have seen how the alleys and front porches encourage good neighbors, I love the community feel. I love the people here so much. I love that I can call any of several people and ask a quick favor, to help me move something, to check on my dog, to grab a package off the porch. I know many places have great neighbors, but I think we’ve cornered the market!
What are your goals for Turtle Creek?
There have been many things that I - and the Board - have learned in recent months, with opportunities to help people, answer questions, and encourage involvement. I would like to make sure that continues. Long term, I want our community to be as self-sustaining as possible, continuing to work toward a better community and neighborly feel.
What are your hobbies?
I am a huge scrapbooking nerd - lots of paper, stickers, glue, and sparklies. We also have a dog and a cat - unfortunately, we lost 2 of our dogs this past year, but I am CERTAIN there will be another “fur baby” coming home soon. Love spending time with my husband of nearly 8 years and friends in the neighborhood - especially when margaritas are involved!

When is your Birthday?
Dec 15th - 10 days before Christmas! Being so close, I usually try to start celebrating in...say... August?!
What are your favorite things to eat?
Well, I mentioned the margaritas already, right? I love the migas at Casa Garcia’s - really just about any Mexican food will do!
What’s your day job?
I am the media director at a small advertising agency in Austin. Media director types help figure out where to run commercials - which stations or other media vehicles - billboards, print ads, digital banner ads etc, which programs and times. I spend a lot of time playing with research, data, and SPREADSHEETS, another hobby of mine!
Linda Alger, Director
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Melissa Glouchkova, Director
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Where are you from:
I’m originally from Corpus Christi, TX - born and raised.  After graduating from college with a degree in Interior Design, I moved to Austin from San Antonio first in 1992 - 1994, and back again in 1996 to dance with Tapestry Dance Company and to be with Vlad.  I’ve been here ever since.  
How long have you lived in Turtle Creek:
Vlad and I moved into Turtle Creek in August of 2004.  The two houses on either side of us weren’t even built yet.  We’ve been here ever since and have grown to love the neighborhood and our regular “peeps” we see on daily walks with the dog.  Callison Elementary wasn’t even built yet; so when our oldest daughter attended kindergarten, she went to Gattis School Elementary until second grade.  I’ve watched TC change over the years - from people moving in and out to the landscape as well, but it still feels like home.  
Why did you move to TC:
After looking in the Austin area for homes, we landed on TC due to affordability, great RRISD schools (I was teaching dance at Westwood High School at the time - one of many jobs), it’s location, but mostly because it reminded me of Hyde Park and was new!  I’m partial to the architectural style.  
What is your career:
I’ve been a certified Pilates instructor since 1998.  In 2015, I opened my own Pilates studio here in RR - Center Pointe Pilates.  After commuting to Castle Hill Fitness in downtown Austin for 10 years where I was a Master Pilates Trainer, I decided to bite the bullet and do my own thing.  I will celebrate 10 years this June.  I also am heavily involved in teaching ballet and work for Metamorphosis Dance Academy and Company.  I’ve been in ballet since I was 3 years old.  Vlad and I met because of ballet - when we were cast as the Arabian dance in The Nutcracker.  
What are your hobbies:
Obviously I love to move.  I’ve always said I’d be a good construction worker as I am detailed and, I love to paint, rearrange and organize spaces, just physically move and I like grunt work.  I  also enjoy reading, knitting, dancing, walking, visiting with friends, art, anything in the fine arts, being outdoors in cooler weather, teaching and learning about others around me.  I have a curious mind.
Vlad is from Vorkuta, Russia where he grew up dancing with a folk dance troupe. We have two girls - Misha who is a ballerina and dances professionally with The Washington Ballet (DC), and Maia who will be at UT this fall (’24).  We have two cats and a pup.  I’d take more, but Vlad won’t let me.  
Ken Hicks, Director, Ex Officio
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