Pool Information
The Pool Card Request Waiver is required for pool card activation. All previously approved paper waivers are obsolete.
You can read, complete, and submit the Pool Card Request Waiver online from the Documents section of your account page on the Smartwebs Resident Portal
or on the TCV homepage in the right-side menu.
Waivers must be completed, signed by, and submitted by the property owner, BEFORE a card can be activated.
Pool Season
The Board reviews and defines the primary operating hours and open/dates, each year, BEFORE the scheduled open date, based on the previous year’s open date.
In 2024, our pool is open to members and their guests beginning in April and closing in October.
In 2024, the pool is open daily from 6 am to 10 pm. 
Members must have an active pool key card to access the pool.
Anyone inside the pool area who does not have or is not with someone who has an active key card is trespassing, and should be reported to the management company.  Yes, this includes Members. If the person does not have an active key card or is with someone who dos not have an active key card, that person trespassing. This applies to anyone who gains access by tailgating through the gate or by jumping the fence.
There could be several reasons a key card may not work, including but not limited to:
• the card is damaged
• the card has lost its data and needs to be reprogrammed
• the Member is past due on accounts
• the Member has active violations
• the Member does not have the latest signed Pool Card Request Waiver on file with the management company - you can complete and submit the form online from the Documents section of your dashboard on the Smartwebs Resident Portal, or on the TCV homepage in the right-side menu.
If you have a key that is not working, accessing the pool is considered trespassing.  You must contact the management company to resolve the issue.  Violation of this rule assigns any possible legal and/or financial liability to the Association and puts all Members at risk. 
Pool issues should be reported to the management company.

Official Pool Rules

The Officially Recorded Turtle Creek Pool Rules should be reviewed by every Member. The rules should also be posted in the glass case in the pool area. 
The officially recorded Pool Rules may include old management company information, because it was recorded by them. Refer to current management company information.
Below are some of the most important, yet ignored rules of our pool: 
  • NO glass, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, drugs, grills, or pets allowed.
  • Turtle Creek members, family, and accompanied guests ONLY.
  • ACTIVE card-key required for entry. Call the management company for help with non-working card-keys.
  • Minors who are 13 years of age or younger MUST be accompanied by a member or authorized guardian who is 18 years or older.
  • Guests MUST be accompanied by a member.  To entertain more than four guests, contact the management company for information.
  • NO diving from the side of the pool.
  • NO dangerous, unreasonable, or offensive activity, including “horseplay,” is allowed. Patrons should report such activity to the management company or RRPD, if necessary.
  • NEVER prop the gate open for any reason.
    NO running, hopping, skipping, or speed walking in the pool area.
  • Persons inside the pool area during Closed hours will be reported to RRPD for Trespassing.
  • Persons involved in misconduct, violation of posted rules, vandalism or damage to the pool, furniture, facilities, gate, equipment and/or surrounding areas will lose all amenity access and be held responsible for the costs to clean and repair.
  • Informal pool parties may be hosted Weekdays from 11 a.m. until 6 p.m. Parties must be scheduled with the management company at least 2 weeks in advance and may not restrict access of other members/guests. Private parties are not allowed.
For more information on the rules, see the Officially Recorded Turtle Creek Pool Rules

Requesting a Pool Key

There are three types of card key requests, Replacement, New Owner, and Reactivation. With either type of request, the Pool Card Request Waiver must be completed and on file with the management company BEFORE a card key can be activated. 

Note: Renters/tenants cannot order card keys. The owner/member must complete the request process.

Replacement is defined as a new card key for an owner who has already been issued a card key in their name after the property conveyed from the last owner. There is a $25+ fee for a replacement card key.
New Buyer is defined as the first card key issued to a new owner after the property has conveyed from the previous owner. There is no fee to the new owner.
Reactivation is defined as having a card that no longer works for any reason no you want the card reactivated. The owner must follow the same process for submitting a replacement card. You will have the option to enter the card number. 
For either type of request, card keys can be requested on the Turtle Creek website Home page (right-side menu) or in the Documents section of your Smartwebs Resident Portal dashboard.
When new cards are activated, all previously-activated cards for the property are deactivated. There is a limit of 1 card key per property account

Important Card Key Facts

Limit 1 card key per property account. 

Residents MUST have a valid card key for access to the pool.
Residents should NEVER prop open the gate or allow others into the pool area without a valid card key. Propping the gate open will activate the alarm.

If you have a card key that is damaged or does not work, contact the management company.

Violations of any pool rule can result in the loss of pool access.
in 2024, the pool is Open daily from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m., as defined by the Board.
Access notes:
  • Presence inside the pool gate during Closed hours is considered Trespassing.
  • Presence inside the pool gate without a valid and working card key is considered Trespassing, any time of day.
  • Card-holding members MUST accompany guests when accessing the pool area
Refer to the Officially Recorded Turtle Creek Pool Rules, that should also be posted in the glass case at the pool, for complete rules and guidelines.

In 2024, the recorded document includes contact information for the old management company, because the document was recorded by them. Refer to current management company information.

Pool Parties

The following text is taken from page 5 of the Officially Recorded Turtle Creek Village Pool Rules. Always refer to officially recorded documents to ensure correct and current text.
The Officially Recorded Turtle Creek Pool Rules include contact information for the old management company, because they recorded the document. Refer to current management company information.
Pool Parties 
The pool CANNOT be rented or reserved in any fashion that will prevent the use of the pool by any other Association member or their accompanied guests. 
Informal/non-private parties may be held any weekday that the pool is open, between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. (holidays excluded). There shall be not more than fifteen (15) guests per party, and parties are limited to no longer than two and one-half (2.5) hours.  
To schedule an informal party, association members can contact the management company. All informal pool parties must be scheduled through the management company so that all necessary paperwork can be completed and to ensure that parties do not over-crowd or impede other members’ use of the pool area. Informal parties may only be scheduled by an Association member who is 18 years of age or older. The informal party must be scheduled at least two weeks in advance.  
For informal parties, there MUST be at least 1 adult (18 years of age or older) for every 5 persons. The sponsoring member will be responsible for any damages caused by any guest. A Recreational Use Agreement should be submitting to the management company. To request a form, contact the management company

Maintenance and Janitorial Information

In 2024, the pool is serviced three times per week for pool maintenance (normally, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) and twice per week for janitorial (normally, Monday and Thursday). 
Pool maintenance consists of cleaning the pool and kiddie pool and maintaining pool chemicals and related equipment.
Janitorial consists of cleaning and restocking the bathrooms, emptying the trash, and wipe-down and positioning of furniture.  
It is up to all pool users to make sure to leave the area neat and tidy for other users.  
Any issue with the pool area should be reported to the management company.