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2022 Pool Open Date
Posted on 03/10/22 Comments (0)
The Board has voted that the pool will open on April 1, 2022.  
For general pool information, see our website.
Tips to prevent your car from being broken into
Posted on 03/10/22 Comments (0)
Tips to prevent your car from being broken into
  • Always lock your car doors
  • Park in the garage or a well-lit area at night
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • Set your car alarm
  • Share your cam videos with RR Police Dept
March Board Meeting - March 16
Posted on 03/09/22 Comments (0)
HOA Board Meeting 
Date: March 16
Time:6:30pm to 7:30pm
Pool Open on Weekends
Posted on 09/10/20 Comments (0)
Beginning 9/11/2020, the pool will be open on weekends.
Special Board Meeting
Posted on 08/25/20 Comments (0)
Special Board Meeting, 8/27
Nomination Form has been posted
Posted on 08/13/20 Comments (2)
Nomination form - 2020 Annual Meeting, one (1) board position for election.
Annual meeting and reminders
Posted on 08/10/20 Comments (0)
Annual meeting and general reminder info.
Pool update - May 28
Posted on 05/28/20 Comments (0)
Pool is closed - see Board response
Pool Update - May 8, 2020
Posted on 05/08/20 Comments (0)
See the May 8, 2020 entry on the COVID-19 page.
Updated Governor's COVID-19 Orders
Governor extends Disaster Declaration
Posted on 04/16/20 Comments (0)
Texas Governor Abbott's Executive Orders related to COVID-19
Site Search feature added
Posted on 04/16/20 Comments (0)
The Site Search feature has been added to the website. Enter your keyword(s) to find posted info.
Trash and Bulk Trash Pick Up Info
Posted on 04/16/20 Comments (0)
Thought we'd share some basic garbage and recycling pickup info from the Round Rock City website.
Coronavirus Info for TCV
Posted on 03/26/20 Comments (0)
To follow government guidelines and orders, the Association Board of Directors...
Jack (and his accomplices) is Awesome!!!
Posted on 03/25/20 Comments (1)
Check out what Jack did.....we think it is great!!!
Wilco Issues ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ Order
Posted on 03/25/20 Comments (0)
Williamson County issued a ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ order to prevent spread of COVID-19. Residents must remain in place at home, with exceptions for essential work and activities
Delayed Pool Opening
Posted on 03/23/20 Comments (0)
The pool opening has been delayed with a tentative open date of May 11, 2020.
UPDATE: Townhome Insurance Explanation
Posted on 02/13/20 Comments (0)
Why you're being asked for this information
New Playscape Signs and Doggy Stations
Posted on 02/07/20 Comments (0)
New signs have been placed by the playscape and 2 new doggy stations are being installed next week.
Townhome Insurance Requirements
Posted on 02/07/20 Comments (2)
Minimum insurance requirements have been set for townhomes. Townhome owners must review and submit updated proof of insurance.
Board Meeting Location Change
Posted on 02/06/20 Comments (2)
March 18 location change - 3309 Forest Creek Dr., Ste. 402
Website Membership Renewals
Posted on 02/01/20 Comments (0)
Account/Membership renewal notices have started to be sent. Renewal is quick and easy.
Pool Card Activation for 2020
Posted on 01/28/20 Comments (2)
Updated Waiver Form required for card key activation in 2020.
Remove Tree Stakes from Trees
Posted on 01/16/20 Comments (0)
Violations to start for tree stakes and straps that should be removed.
Playground Slide Damage Notice
Posted on 12/23/19 Comments (0)
Playground Slide Damage Notice - sent by Relevant Management on 12/23/2019.
2020 Budget and Assessment Rates Posted
Posted on 12/16/19 Comments (0)
2020 Budget and Assessment Rates posted to Financial Information (Member Only) page.
Window AC Requirements Posted
Posted on 12/11/19 Comments (0)
The Board has adopted and posted a Window AC Requirements policy.
2020 Board Meeting Schedule
Posted on 12/10/19 Comments (0)
Board set the 2020 meeting schedule.
Board sets 2020 Assessment Rates
Posted on 11/26/19 Comments (0)
2020 Assessment Rates have been set as follows:
Fall and Winter Best Time to Plant
Posted on 11/04/19 Comments (0)
Experts say fall is the best time to plant trees and bushes.
Neighborhood Garage Sale
Posted on 10/25/19 Comments (0)
It's time for our Semi-Annual Neighborhood Garage Sale! The sale will be Saturday, 10/26 beginning at 7 a.m. and go until noon, or until you run out stuff! 
Curb address painting is scheduled for the Turtle Creek
Posted on 07/29/19 Comments (0)
The Association has contracted with Nationwide Curb Service LLC (Nationwide) to complete the project the week of August 12-17.  
Website Updates 7/15/2019
Posted on 07/15/19 Comments (0)
The Contact Us and the Governing Documents pages have been updated.
Website Updated with Lots of Information
Posted on 06/30/19 Comments (0)
Includes updates to governing documents, pool key and ACC request forms, violations processes, and more.
Annual Meeting highlights
Posted on 06/18/19 Comments (0)
Annual meeting update....
Amended and Restated Bylaws
Posted on 06/17/19 Comments (0)
Amended and Restated Bylaws have been recorded and posted.
Director Position Appointed
Posted on 06/11/19 Comments (0)
Bill Hart appointed to serve as a Director until the 2020 Annual Meeting. 
Log-In Problems Topic Added
Posted on 05/31/19 Comments (0)
Log-In Problems Topic Added for New User Registration, Forgot Username, and Forgot Password.
NEW management company!
Posted on 05/28/19 Comments (0)
Turtle Creek Village Master Association has a new management company!
Noise Ordinance Update
Posted on 04/22/19 Comments (0)
The Round Rock City Council approved a proposal to strengthen the City’s noise ordinance. The amendment to the current noise ordinance seeks to find balance between an active downtown with live music and quality of life for downtown residents by imposing stricter standards to the Mixed Use 1 (MU-1) zoning district in downtown. The ordinance amendment will take effect on April 15, 2019.
Tables and Benches Replaced
Posted on 04/05/19 Comments (0)
New red picnic tables and new red benches by the pool and playscape.
Management Company Change!
Posted on 04/04/19 Comments (0)
Announcement coming.....
Round Rock Council passes Animal Control ordinance
Posted on 03/29/19 Comments (0)
New rules address microchipping, animals in vehicles, beekeeping, and more.
Budget for Improvement Projects
Posted on 03/24/19 Comments (0)
Budget available for member-organized improvement projects. Members are welcome to suggest, plan, organize, and complete an improvement or beautification project. 
Enable your RSS feed for Neighborhood News
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Your browser can alert you when new content is added to the Neighborhood News page.
The District is Coming to Round Rock
Posted on 02/25/19 Comments (0)
The District development in Round Rock moves forward, expected to bring $1.5M in annual tax revenue, 5,000 jobs