Who are Members?
Turtle Creek Village Owners Association defines a Member as an owner of a property that belongs to the Turtle Creek Village Master Association.  
An Association Member can register a user account for this website to view the Member Only pages. After an Association Member submits their website registration, the web admin will verify the Member's information management company. The web admin will contact the user if additional information or verification is needed. Once verified, the website will send an email confirming the user confirmation.
The Smartwebs Resident Portal contains information (violations, balance due, etc) that is specific for an individual owner. The community website (which you are viewing now) contains community information that applies to all Members. 
After an Association Member is confirmed on the community website and has a username and login, they are also considered a Member of the Association and of the website.
Members have the right to review Association documents like governing documents, financial reports, meeting minutes, etc.  Our website is set up with public information and Member Only information.  If a page is marked as Member Only in the submenu, permissions are limited to registered and logged-in community website members.
Website registration is simple and allows Members to enter their information, join the Member Directory, add pets to the Pet Directory feature, post items to the Calendar, and more.  
Our community includes many investment properties (rentals). Owners of investment properties are Association Members and may register a website account. After the Member's information is verified and the website account is activated, the user can add sub-users such as property managers or tenants. To add sub-users, see Website How-Tos. Sub-users do not require web admin approval.
Website Member/User clarification:
  • Members/Users - A Member is an individual who belongs to our Association. A User is a Member who has registered a user account on this website and been confirmed by the web admin.
  • User Levels - Owner users (level 1) can add sub-users (level 2) to their user account. Adding sub-users is useful for families, landlords with tenants, etc. There are 2 levels referred to as User Level 1 (primary/first registration) and User Level 2 (such as a spouse, child, tenant).  A level 1 User can add up to 5 sub-users on the Your Profile screen.