Architectural Modification Process
As defined in our Governing Documents, our Association has an Architectural Committee that reviews and approves plans and changes for Turtle Creek property. The committee has the authority to require homeowners to comply with the architectural specifications set forth in the our Governing Documents or, in cases not addressed by our documents, at their sole and absolute discretion.  

Architectural Modification Requests
Per section 5.05 of our Declaration:
5.05  Alteration or Removal of Improvements.  
Any construction, other than normal maintenance, which in any way alters the exterior appearance of any Improvement, or the removal of any Improvement shall be performed only with the prior written approval of the Architectural Committee. 
Also, per section 9.07 of our Declaration:
9.07   Review of Proposed Construction.
….The Architectural Committee shall have the authority to disapprove any proposed Improvement based upon the restrictions set forth in the preceding sentence and the decision of the Architectural Committee shall be final and binding so long as it is made in good faith….

See ACC Fast Track Guidelines for information on changes that do not require ACC approval. 

Submitting a Modification Request
You can submit an Architectural Modifications Request Form for approval. You can also access the form on the Turtle Creek community website homepage, in the right-side feature menu, and on the Smartwebs resident portal, in the Quick Actions section of your dashboard.
Be sure to include detailed descriptions of the requested change(s), photos of the existing lot/home/landscaping, and any photo examples related to the requested change. If is also very helpful to submit a drawing or visual aid showing where on your lot that the changes will be located. If you are unsure if something should be submitted, err on the side of submitting too much information. Incomplete requests may delay its processing.
All requests must be submitted by the owner. The committee cannot review or approve any request submitted by a tenant/leaser. 
Modification Request Process
The Architectural Modifications Request Form (along with all necessary descriptions, photos, permits, etc) should be completed and submitted. You can complete and submit the form on the Smartwebs resident portal, in the Quick Actions section of your dashboard.

The management company reviews the request, confirms all required information prior to sending to the committee for review. If information is missing, the management company contacts the owner for additional information.  When the form is complete and includes all required information, the committee reviews the application and either asks questions or approves/denies the request.
The committee has up to 30 days to review, finalize, and notify the owner (from the date all information is received) of the decision for a request. Requests can result in one of the following designations:
  • Approved
  • Approved with stipulations
  • Denied with a request for more information or a suggested changes to the modification request and resubmission 
  • Denied
Questions from the committee resets the committee’s 30-day review period and may delay the process. Be sure to include all required information, colors, photos, plant types, etc., along with a detailed description, in your online submission.
The request, additional documents, any discussion, and committee's decision is collected in the portal and attached with the property information, and can be reviewed in your account on the Smartwebs resident portal.
If you plan to repaint using the same colors, you may be able to get original paint colors, along with other original parts information, for your address from the DR Horton Warranty Dept at 512-345-4663, if they still have the community data.