Governing Documents
This page contains descriptions of and links to Turtle Creek Village legal, recorded documents that establish and govern the Association, including but not limited to:
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs)
  • Adopted Resolutions
  • Amendments
  • Townhome Service Area documentation
  • Condominium Sub-Association manual
  • Recorded Pool Rules
  • more . . .
These documents are also available on the Smartwebs resident portal.

Unofficial Documents

For these unofficial documents, we have taken the two most commonly used documents and converted them to an easier-to-read, keyword-searchable pdf. Every effort was made to make sure the content matches the recorded documents. In any conflict, the official, recorded document supersedes.
Unofficial Bylaws (updated July 2019)
  - includes text from the Amendment recorded 7/15/2019
  - includes text from Amendments 1 through 9
Pool Rules (updated 2018)

Master - Recorded Documents

This section includes links to the official and recorded documents that establish and govern both the Master Association and the Condominium Sub-Association.  The Condominium Sub-Association has an additional community manual that governs additional aspects of the sub-association.
This manual contains the following documents:
• Articles of Incorporation
• Bylaws (outdated, effective June 2019)
• Solar Device and Energy Efficient Policy
• Rainwater Harvesting System Policy
• Flag Display and Flagpole Installation Policy
• Display of Certain Religious Items Policy
• Fine and Enforcement Policy
• Assessment Collection Policy
• Records Inspection, Copying, and Retention Policy
• Statutory Notice of Posting and Recordation of Association Governing Documents
• Statutory Notice of Annual Meetings, Elections, and Voting
• Statutory Notice of Conduct of Board Meetings
Amended and Restated Bylaws (recorded June 2019)
Amendment 1 (recorded July 2019)
(also referred to as DCCRs or Declaration)
Amendments to the Declaration
Amendment 1          • Amendment 2          • Amendment 3
Amendment 4          • Amendment 5          • Amendment 6
Amendment 7          • Amendment 8          • Amendment 9
Townhome Service Area Documents

Board Adopted Resolutions

Documents in this section have been adopted by the Board of Directors and recorded. Again, there is an official recorded document and a keyword-searchable document for each resolution. The unofficial documents also include the full color of the photo examples. The Official Recorded versions do not clearly show the photos.
Official Recorded:
Unofficial document versions: (posted only for keyword searchability, clear text, and images)

Sub-Association Documents

The Condominium Sub-Association is part of the Master Association, paying dues to help maintain Master Association common elements. They also pay dues to the Condominium Sub-Association for additional, condominium-only elements and services. 

The Condominium Sub-Association is subject to Master Association documents and Condominium Sub-Association documents, with the Master Association documents superseding when conflicts occur.
For questions about our governing documents, contact the management company.