What are assessments?
What are Assessments?
Assessments are the monthly dues owed the Association by each Member.  Assessments are due and collected on the first day of each month.  Assessments received after the seventh day of the month may incur a late fee. Accounts that are in past due status longer than three (3) months are referred to the attorney for collection procedures.
We strongly encourage setting up scheduled, automatic payments online in your Smartwebs resident portal account.
Payment Methods
See Assessments and Payments (member only)  for information on how to make payments. 
Assessment Due Date
Assessments are due on the 1st day of each month. Statements ware emailed before the first of the month, so you can see your balance due. You do not have to mail the statement with your payment. Just ensure your Account Number is on the check in the memo line. You can find your account number in your Smartwebs resident portal dashboard.

Note: Attorney and collection fees incurred and paid by the Association are applied to the Member's account. If you are in past due status, you can save time and money by setting up a payment plan with the management company, which when followed, prevents the count from going to collections.